Private Label Process

Wholesale Natural Steps to create your own Private Label

  1. Do you have a logo? If you do EMAIL YOUR LOGO TO:  If you do not and want us to create one for you the fee is 50.00 and you may order it here: CLICK HERE:> 

DESIGNING YOUR LABELS - Our Branding team will design a sample of your label(s) with a your label for your review and approval. The fee for "DESIGNING" YOUR LABELS is 35.00/per label. You may order your design work here:>

    1. APPROVAL AND YOUR FEEDBACK - We will email you a sample of your design work. You may provide 1-2 requests for modification. Additional fees may apply.
    2. APPROVAL/COMPLETION OF DESIGN WORK - Upon your approval, your labels will be created. This is a one time process providing you do not make ANY changes to your information on EACH label. Each time you place a label order we will use your design work that is your's exclusively for each product we design a label for.
    3. ORDERING LABELS - You will use your approved label design that we have created to print your labels or to have another printing company print them for you. They are your approved property to do as you please. Ordering Labels: I recommend Lightning Labels for label printing and may be ordered here:
  1. CURRENT LOGO - If you have a logo and wish to use it we require a high resolution file containing your current logo in 300 DPI or higher.

    TURN-AROUND TIME - Please allow approximately 3-4 weeks, once payment is received, for design work, approval and completion of your branded work. This allows ample time to create your design work,receive your approval then we will finalize your print work.

    Repeat orders label printing takes 7-14 business days.

CUSTOM FORMULATION - This is the most expensive and complicated way to get your line going but doable. Steps are to schedule a consult with our master formulator to discuss your ideas. 
  1. Fees for a private formulation applies to each and every product you wish to formulate. The fee is $150.00/per hour. Most products take 5-10 hour to formulate. 
  2. You will communicate your product ideas to the formulator
  3. You will receive a quote to complete your product
  4. You must make a deposit of 50% of the total cost of the finished product
  5. Your ingredients will then be sourced
  6. Your product sample will be made and submitted to you
  7. You will have an opportunity to test and request modification to the formulation until you approve it for production. Once the original final formulation is fully approved any modification made will be made at a cost of 250.00/per modification each
  8. We require a 5-10 gallon minimum for each product, depending on the cost of your specific ingredients
  9. Your approved formulation will become your intellectual property and transferred to you. No one else will have access to your formulation and we will not make it for anyone else. The formulation will not be displayed on our website for ordering, you must submit a purchase order and payment in full for each order
  10. Complete process turn-around time is between 4-12 weeks depending on sourcing material which may take longer

What is CUSTOM FORMULATION INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY? Legal entitlement which sometimes attaches to the expressed form of an idea, or to some other intangible subject matter. This legal entitlement generally enables its holder to exercise exclusive rights of use in relation to the subject matter and in this case protection against formulation reveal.

The term intellectual property reflects the formulation idea that this subject matter is the product of the mind or the intellect, rights may be protected at law in the same way as any other form of property. Keep in mind that cosmetic ingredients are public information although not your formula.