Hair Products Samples Size 4-8 Oz size Samples

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Try before your buy. Sample sizes for skin care range between 1 once to 8 ounces. Hair care samples range between 4 ounce and  ounces. These finished product will perform well on Amazon and your Website with proper  Marketing.

  1. Simply list the samples in the box provided
  2. Count the number of samples
  3. Put that number in the quantity box

Some samples will be scented with the sample scents we sell those products in at our retail store. If we do not scent them they will come unscented. We can not do any custom scenting on samples.

*Note: Only ONE one each product per customer please. If you need a larger amount of product, select the retail size.

Samples are made from our store stock and will come unscented or in the scent we use. We can not do custom scenting on samples.