Marketing - Tips on Basic Marketing

Here are some basic marketing tips

Sound the HORN - Don't be shy!!! Tell everyone that you are creating a line and then show them what you are doing!!!!! People will get as excited as you are when you talk about what you are doing!!! 

Start YOUR PAGES ON: Every social media available - Don't forget that you will have to manage them all so be wise. Nothing worse than starting a page then nothing happens. Create beautiful pages that carry your BRANDING theme on each page. Your potential customer should be able to recognize your brand everywhere they see you so be consistent. 

Look Professional

Sound Professional

Do your Home Work (ready. study, recite) and Know What you are talking about

Product development - Make sure you select products that are of high quality,  trending, affordable, reliable, and what you can feel passionate about especially when you are creating them. You know what? We are rewarded for the things we pour our WHOLE HEART in to!!!!! The universe knows this and you cannot fake it. Unless you have a boatload of money LOL, get excited and share your vision with passion!!!

Know how to Sell - We live in a time of social media and during the pandemic we somewhat had lost or connection to mankind. Everything was done online. It is more important to build long-term customer relationships versus just going after a profit.

Establish win-win relationships with our customers and it will prove rewarding and be profitable as well.