WNBC Custom Product Formulation

Start your body care business with WNBC ready to go bases. It's affordable

WNBC offers product custom formulation in quantities of 30-55 Gallons of each product or more. If you have 2 product to be created you will have to purchase at least 30 gallons of each.

Below are the CF steps:

  1. Contact us to discuss the product(s) you wish to have formulated
  2. The formulation fee to formulate each product is $150.00/hr (the amount of time will be estimated) you will be required to make a 50% deposit of the estimated amount of time needed to create your formula. This does not include the cost of your finished goods.  
  3. Sign a NDA between WNBC and your company
  4. You will email the detail of each one of the products that you wish to formulate
  5. Once agreed upon you will be provided a cost to make your products
  6. You will be required to pay the balance of the formulation fee
  7. You will be required to make a 50% deposit of the cost of your finished product being formulated
  8. Your raw material will be sourced and purchased for your products if not normally carried in our inhouse inventory such as certain fragrances, essential oils, colorants, extracts and any of your specific ingredients
  9. You will receive 3 samples to test
  10. Once your samples are approved WNBC will schedule the creation of your finished product and provide you with an estimate time of arrival (ETA) of your finished goods. 

Expenses to expect with this process but not limited to are:

  •  If WNBC will fill your product you will be charged a filling fee. Current fee is 0.50/per bottle (does not include the cost of your bottles, jars or tops). These items are a separate cost
  • If you are sending in your packaging you must order all components that is not limited to bottles, jars, tops, seals and any other pieces to create your finished packaged products, and schedule arrival of your packaging with the filling department
  • If you wish WNBC to apply your labels (we do not print labels). have them printed and shipped to us. The ingredients, and label sizes will be compared and approved by you. 
  • The cost to apply labels is 0.50/per label
  • If you wish WNBC to source your bottle or you select our packaging you will be billed for each component
  • Once your bottles are filled if you require certain case packs (boxes) you will have 2 options. 
    • You may ship those to us (must be scheduled)
    • Or you may buy them from WNBC. If you select this option,  you will be billed once we know how may you will need to complete your shipping process
  • Once your boxes are filled WNBC will invoice you for the number of pallets needed to palatize your finished goods so that they will arrive to you safely. The current fee per pallet as of Feb 1, 2022 is 25.00/each
  • WNBC will bill your completed project to include your shipping and all components once the project is ready to ship to you. 
  • If your bill to complete your project is over $250.00 and you wish to pay via credit card the processing rate for this type of payment is 2.9%. You may forgo any credit card processing fees by paying via Check or EFT. If paid by check WNBC will ship your order once your check has cleared.  and once paid.