UPS & Shipping Claims Policy

Damaged/Lost Deliveries - Claims

In order for Wholesale Natural Body Care, hereafter referred to as WNBC to process a replacement for orders damaged or lost by UPS please adhere to the following guidelines.

Please confirm that the information you enter for shipping is correct. We are not able to make corrections in time to avoid returns or changes. In the event that you enter an incorrect shipping address you will be charged a UPS fee of 24.99 plus the cost to re-ship your entire order. You will be invoiced and the fees must be paid prior to re-ship. If your order is cancelled or refunded, WNBC will deduct the cost of those shipping fees due to your error. 

As per UPS, there is a 60-day window in which a claim can be filed, please make sure you have seven images of damaged product, do not dispose of products till you have filed a claim with UPS, and they have inspected the damaged product. Once a claim has been filed with UPS. Please email your claim number together with the images to our dedicated UPS Claims email for WNBC to process your replacement.

Order replacement time will vary from case to case, as every case is different, and will be addressed as such. Please allow one to two weeks after emailing your claim number and images to before your replacement is shipped out.

At WNBC, we understand how stressful is can be to have a misplaced order, and well do all in our power to make if right by you, our customers. Please help us make it right, do all that you can to make sure your order is delivered successfully.

If you are in an area where others or even you have experienced issues with packaged delivery, please consider shipping to a different location to avoid future or reoccurring issues with your delivery.