We are GMP-ISO 9001 Certified - What doe this mean

GMP - ISO 9001

ISO means = International Organization for standardization that is an international agency of the operational standard for more 160 countries. 

To be ISO 9001 Certified it means that we adhere to very specific requirements of a quality management system in our daily manufacturing operations at all our facilities.

WNBC is certified in that we have worked hard to improve the quality management system within our Manufacturing Facilities that help to improve the many manufacturing operational facets in bringing your products that you can feel confident using and offering to your customers. 

Achieving this certification:

  • Improves the quality of the products and services we offer to you
  • Helps to ensure customer satisfaction  
  • Improves our relationships with our customers
  • Opens new doors to you as a personal care supplier
  • Authenticates WNBC and Your Company as a Brand