What's the big deal with Retinol or Vitamin A

What's the big deal with Retinol or Vitamin A

By Valerie Rowan

Perhaps you have heard that using a Retinol Cream is good for your skin? It is true for most people but for some it can cause sensitivity. So what's  the big deal!? Retinol WORKS TO REPAIR Damaged Skin!

Retinol stimulates production of new skin cells so your skin looks smoother, newer and younger. Retinol can also fades dark spots due to hyper pigmentation. Retinols also help to discoloration resulting from sun damage, acne scars, hormonal ups and downs, and hyper pigmentation.

Higher concentrations of Retinol may also reduce fine lines and wrinkles but may be drying and cause irritation to those with sensitive skin  but reportedly,  Retinol  can greatly improve the appearance of skin. 

Our 1% Retinol Vitamin A Facial Cream is formulated to help improve the overall condition of your skin, reduce dark spots and help minimize wrinkles, fine lines and pores. 

How to use the Wholesale Natural Body Care 2.5% Retinol Cream

 Retinol 1% Face Cream

Use Every other day for the 1st 2 weeks - At night

If well tolerated then try using every day - At night

Progress to using everyday both morning & nightly before retiring. If you will be in the sunlight do not use The Retinol Cream during the day but at night after cleaning.



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