Beards - WOW What a phenomenon!!! As a woman I may never directly understand beards but what I can talk about is why women love beards.

Women and Beards - I get an emotion just thinking about the tenderness displayed in the way my hubby caresses my face and then tenderly kisses me  and I feel the whiskers hairs of his mustache and how in a tickling fashion makes me feel. No wonder beards are such the Craze LOL!!!

Beards in the work place - In years past we thought we had seen an end to the beard because the work environment frowned on beards, embracing and mandating the "clean face." There will always be the perception the a clean shaven face is more professional but I certainly see a host of totally polished men with amazing beards.

OK... on to business - Why Beards? and what so big about beards?

Some say that a man's ability to grow a GREAT BEARD is linked to his testosterone levels while other studies say that a full healthy beard on a man represents a man that is mature, older, stronger and more aggressive. I guess kinda like a man dressed in a lumber jack style tearing into a tree to cut wood to warm his family. That's serious business. I can't do that LOL!!!

So what goes into having a GREAT BEARD - Beard Care of course. A man can't just have a some funky beard he has to have a coveted beard. 

How to have the best BEARD EVER!

  • Beard Cleansing - Your beard must be kept immaculate. No one wants to smell day old beard funk LOL!!!! Keep that beard clean.
  • Beard Conditioning - Although I love the tickling feel of beard hairs, it is much better when they are well tamed. I want those beard hairs to be soft, and well conditioned. 
Beard Scaping  -  So my son is a master barber and I have actually seen him perform this on himself; on his hairline as well as his beard. So great beard scaping involves 
    1. Cleansing The Beard -  Beard Wash. Be sure to wash all the product out.
    2. Apply a very small amount of Wholesale Natural Body Care Beard Conditioner to beard hairs, comb and  blow dry beard hairs out well.
    3. Apply a small amount of beard balm and beard oil to beard hairs. Do not apply a lot to the area that you will trace (outline). Once you are done with those special touches you could go back and apply more if necessary. Using our beard products will keep your beard well groomed and it will also smell amazing 
    4. Borrow 2 things that belong to your wife of buy your own. 1. An eyebrow pencil and 2. her eyebrow trimmer (get from a beauty supply store). 
    5. Using the Eyebrow pencil, (some guys use a Sharpie permanent marker, but that  may be skin-toxic so I don't recommend it), trace a line around the top of the beard to where the hair begin to thin out, connecting to your mustache. 
    6. Now  - Grab your wife's eye brow trimmer. Using the line you drew carefully cut away the unruly hairs and reveal a much cleaner BEARD LINE. I love this look!!!! A polish man is so attractive. Alright now you know you may have to apply a tad bit more of our amazing BEARD BALM
    7. Up your BEARD GAME for a special occasion.  - Let's say you have a special event and you want to up your beard game. You could outline your beard line and hair line with the same eyebrow pencil and fill any any thin spots with a mascara LOL, just be careful not to use to much and wash it out after your event so you do not get in in your clothes or sheets.
    So there you go! You will be sporting the finest beard around and smell amazing too.