You don't need to be a rocket scientist or have serious equipment.

Here's how:

Start Clean - Finish Clean - 1st things 1st

STERILIZE EVERYTHING - Working from home - Put the kids and ALL pets out of the room you will be working in. Children are adorable and I love them to death but they can be a distraction and want your attention when they know you are busy. Put them down for a nap and ask dad or grandma to watch them while you work. 

PETS - Pet hair and your hair flies in the air......No pets in the work area. 

Hair Nets, Gloves - Use hair nets to keep your hair from falling and wear disposable gloves for non-contamination and  to protect your customers.

No DNA in other peoples products!!!

WORK AREA - Clean out your sink and put away all household items that do not pertain to what you are working on and with. Wash down your counters, measuring utensils, spoons, mixer heads, and spatulas in bleach water. Lay out a spread of paper towels to allow them to air dry. Resist drying these item with dish towels. They hold bacteria if you have used them before. 

You could use a large a 32-64 Oz Mason Jar and your large frosting bag with the large plain frosting tip. 

Here is what you will need

  • Insert the frosting tip in to your bag and place a baggie twist-tie around it to keep your cream from coming out
  • Place the frosting bag in the mason jar to hold it up
  • Fill with product
  • Have your bottles close by ready to fill
  • Fill each bottle

See Pics

Pipping BagPlain Pipping TipLarge Mason JarTwist Tie

You're done!!!!!