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So let's talk BRANDING!!! Branding says who you are in commerce. 

For that reason you don't want to LOOK like anyone else or trust your company image with anyone who you have not properly or thoroughly communicated what you want your brand to look like. 

Now let's talk about the NITTY-GRITTY of of branding. 

Alright; now that you have decided that you want to be in business, a huge part of that major decision, is how you want your company to SHOW-UP in commerce. In other words when you walk up and down the isles at your favorite store like Walmart or Target, you search for your favorite 'NAMED' soap, potato chip, or drink, you do so by the 'BRAND.' This is exactly how you need to begin your thought process of who and what your company will look like in commerce, whether online or a brick and mortar.

If you perform a search for the term Branding here is what comes up by GOOGLE on the term. Branding is a noun that explains that branding is the promotion of a particular product or company by means of advertising and a distinctive design. Additionally "the process of branding should be considered in global terms." 

Other reliable sites such as says that branding is one of the most important elements of your business and BRANDING is your promise to your customers. Let's unpack this!!!!! Catch a visual of the fact that your brand represents what you promise to your customers and comes with major responsibilities as well as liabilities. So when it comes to who you are as a brand you should take it seriously and pour your heart and professionalism in to the task. 

OK so now that I have gone over branding principals here is a quick snapshot of what goes into the branding process 


  •  CREATE A AMAZING AND SLAMMING LOGO and you may also want a tagline - If you are like me you may be tempted to change up your logo or colors and want to add a flower or a crown or whatever suits your fancy at the time. DON'T do it. Customers learn who you are by your brand and logo. Think about NIKE - you know Nike by the Swoosh, and the tag line Just Do IT. Apple computers, tablets and IPhone products are well known by the simple apple logo and their tagline "Think Different."  This is how you should think of the branding of your company your logo and tagline. 
  • PUT YOUR LOGO ON EVERYTHING - You want to be known by your brand and your customers will recognize you by it. Put your logo on your business persona - Answering recording - You want the customer to know that they called "Wholesale Natural Body Care" and not Blah, bla who!!!
  • BE THE FACE, VOICE, AND REPRESENTATIVE OF YOUR BRAND - So  IF you need to clean up your act now is the time to perfect this part of how you will show up in commerce. Not taking this seriously could land you liable in a very tangible way.

Let me put a picture on this for you!!! So there are a lot of ignorant and even down right shady new start ups, just looking to make money and they haven't taken the time to perfect their trade by learning the skills necessary to be in a chosen business field. For example of this behavior would be incorporating shady practices either unknowingly or by culture -  Perhaps some learned concoctions that has not been properly tested. Either way this could still cause harm.

Do your due diligence and have integrity in everything you do pertaining to your business and then you can sleep comfortably at night knowing your gave your absolute best to any and all products your offer to the public.