What's the big deal with Irish Sea Moss in Skincare and Hair Care

Sea Moss

At Wholesale Natural Body Care we strive to offer you products that are made out of ingredients that are current and trending. So here let's talk about Sea Moss!!!

According to dermatologists Sea Moss may be naturally rich in vitamins like Vitamin E and Vitamin A that both are amazing antioxidants for skin. Sea Moss is also rich in sulfur and sulfur helps with acne, and may also help with rosacea and eczema so it makes adding Sea Moss very positive when it comes to skin care products.  

Adding Sea Moss in Hair Care can be especially beneficial to the scalp and hair to help keep it healthy due the it's antibacterial properties, nutrients and it's ability to retain moisture.

Irish Sea Moss is loaded with Vitamins, minerals, protein and moisture. Hair does well when it retains moisture and Sea Moss provides a protective layer of moisture to hair. 

 To Keep it simple: This is just good STUFF to add to your skin and haircare regimen!