Stolen Shipped Packages

Delivery Responsibility Policy for Wholesale Natural Body Care (WNBC)

To clarify the responsibilities of Wholesale Natural Body Care (WNBC), the carrier (FedEx), and the customer in the event of a stolen package after delivery.


1. WNBC Responsibilities:
- WNBC is responsible for processing and shipping orders to the address provided by the customer.
- Once the package is handed over to FedEx, WNBC's responsibility for the package ends.

2. FedEx Responsibilities:
- FedEx is responsible for the safe and timely delivery of the package to the address provided by WNBC.
- FedEx provides tracking information to confirm the delivery status of the package.

3. Customer Responsibilities:
- The customer is responsible for providing an accurate and secure delivery address.
- Once FedEx confirms delivery to the provided address, the customer assumes responsibility for the package.
- If the package is stolen after delivery, it becomes a matter for local law enforcement.

4. Stolen Package Protocol:
- If a package is confirmed as delivered by FedEx but is suspected to be stolen, the customer should:
- File a report with their local police department.
- Report the theft to FedEx and provide the police report number if available.
- WNBC is not liable for packages that are stolen after confirmed delivery by FedEx.

5. Claims and Inquiries:
- Customers are encouraged to file missing order claims with FedEx and local police if they believe their package has been stolen.
- WNBC will assist in providing necessary shipping and tracking information to support the customer's claim with FedEx.

By following this policy, WNBC ensures a clear understanding of responsibilities related to package delivery and potential theft after delivery.