12 Hair A Do Shampoo 8 Oz White Bottle - Black Push Top

Hair A Do


12 Hair A Do Shampoo pre-packaged in 8 OZ WHITE cosmo round/bullet style bottles with black push caps - Qty per this pack:12 items. 

This is a Gluten Free, Paraben Free product: It does not contain Silicones, Mineral Oil or any harmful ingredients. 

Hair A Do Rosemary Mint Hair paraben free hair healthy Shampoo contains natural ingredients that are not drying to hair nor does this shampoo strip your hair of natural oils. Rosemary and Peppermint Essential oils strengthens the hair and scalp. It also promotes healthy hair growth.

Natural Ingredients: Organic Aloe Vera Juice, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Decyl Glucoside, Sodium Lauroyl Lactylate, Kosher Vegetable Glycerin, Castor Oil, Olive Oil, dl-Panthenol, Polyquart 10, Ethylhexylglycerin, Phenoxyethanol(Eco-certified, gentle, paraben free preservative), Essential Oils of Rosemary and Peppermint, Fragrance.

With warm water, rinse all previously used product from hair before applying shampoo. Apply quarter size amount of shampoo in palm of hands. Apply to wet hair and begin gently massaging hair a scalp. Be careful not to overly agitate hair to tangle or irritate scalp. Rinse and repeat if necessary.

Shelf Life 1 Year. Product is presented with the Rosemary Mint & Kumquat Hair A Do scent. Bottles will not have labels on them. They come ready for you to add your labels with your information on them. You may copy ingredients from the website or wait for the packages to arrive.