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Bubble Bag for Glass Bottles (1 & 2 Oz Bottle)

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We will gladly package your glass bottles in a bubble bag to protect them. Please keep in mind that this is a job and we pay our crew to complete this extra step for you so that you will not have breakage. So the option includes the cost of the bag & labor.

Using a bubble bag to protect a glass bottle is a good idea as it adds an extra layer of cushioning and helps absorb shocks and impacts.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how we will safely put a glass bottle in a bubble bag:

  1. We will Choose the appropriate bubble bag: Select a bubble bag that is large enough to accommodate the size of the glass bottle comfortably. Ensure that the bag has enough bubble wrap to provide adequate protection.

  2. We will Prepare the bottle: Before placing the glass bottle in the bubble bag, make sure it is clean and dry. Remove any caps, lids, or other attachments from the bottle.

  3. Place the glass bottle in the center of the bubble bag. Gently fold the sides of the bubble bag over the bottle to create a snug fit. If necessary, you can cut the bubble bag to adjust its size to better fit the bottle.

  4. Secure the bubble bag: Once the bottle is inside the bubble bag, seal the bag tightly to ensure it doesn't come loose during transportation. You can use tape, rubber bands, or any other suitable method to secure the opening of the bag.

  5. Optional extra protection: If you want to provide additional padding, you can wrap the bubble bag-covered bottle with additional bubble wrap or place it inside a sturdy box before shipping or storing.

Remember, the goal is to provide sufficient cushioning and protection to prevent the glass bottle from breaking or shattering. By using a bubble bag, you add a layer of insulation that helps absorb impacts and reduce the risk of damage during transit or storage.

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Bubble Bag for Glass Bottles (1 & 2 Oz Bottle)

Bubble Bag for Glass Bottles (1 & 2 Oz Bottle)


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