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Fragrance - Freshest Linen (Concentrate)

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Introducing our Freshest Linen Fragrance Oil, a meticulously crafted scent designed to capture the essence of freshly laundered linens. This fragrance oil embodies the ultimate feeling of cleanliness and comfort, evoking memories of crisp, sun-dried sheets and soft, fluffy towels.

The top notes of this exquisite scent are a delicate blend of lemon and fresh air, offering an immediate burst of citrusy freshness that revitalizes the senses. These lead into the heart of the fragrance, where the subtle, powdery aroma of clean cotton and light floral hints of lily and jasmine unfold, creating a serene and comforting atmosphere. The base notes feature a soft blend of musk and sandalwood, grounding the fragrance with a warm, soothing finish that lingers gently in the air.

Use our Freshest Linen Fragrance Oil is perfect for creating a welcoming and purified space, whether you're crafting candles, diffusing oils, or incorporating it into your own personal care products. Its light and airy scent profile makes it an excellent choice for those who prefer a clean, understated fragrance that's both refreshing and relaxing.

Carefully formulated to ensure a long-lasting scent, this fragrance oil is compatible with a wide range of applications, including soap making, candle making, and use in diffusers. It's designed to blend seamlessly with your products, providing a consistent and enduring scent that's reminiscent of the freshest, cleanest linens.

Embrace the comforting embrace of purity and freshness with our Freshest Linen Fragrance Oil, and transform your home or personal care routine into a sanctuary of cleanliness and tranquility. 

Notes: Fresh Linen

Use Percentages:

Lotions, Creams 5-10%

Body Wash, Gels, 3-5%

Soap 4-6% Max (Test may thin any shower gel or body wash)

Flashpoint 193

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Fragrance - Freshest Linen (Concentrate)

Fragrance - Freshest Linen (Concentrate)


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