How to select the best Anti-Aging Products

The History Of Anti-Aging

The term anti-aging came about in the early 20th century when Helena Rubinstein and Elizabeth Arden began blending their beauty concoctions to help ward off the skin aging process. 

The history of Helena Rubinstein born Chaga Rubenstein is an interesting tale where she says that there are no ugly women, only lazy ones speaks volumes when it comes to using the right products that will naturally enhance your beauty.

Elizabeth Arden, was born Florence Nightingale Graham. Her products are still sold today under some brands we may be familiar with like the perfume Red Door. The Elizabeth Arden of NY skincare line includes active ingredients Wholesale Natural Body Care uses like Ceramides and Matrixyl 3000 in our Matrixyl Eye Cream. Women have been pioneers in the beauty industry for decades past and still are today. 

My anti-aging daily face-care routine using Wholesale Natural Body Care favorites is listed below. 

My current favorite facial cleanser is the Wholesale Natural Body Care Red Clover & Calendula Botanical Cleanser and I use the Red Clover & Calendula Facial Moisturizer in the morning. I pair these products with the Matrixyl 3000 Super Peptide Eye Cream that I pat around my eyes being extra careful not to get to close due to my sensitive skin around my eyes. I use an SPF face cream in the day time as well. 

My Anti-aging daily body-care routine is here:

Anti-Aging self-care is not limited to just our faces. All the skin on our body ages as well. Stand in front of a full length mirror and just look at yourself immediately after your bath or shower without a good body cream or moisturizer and you will see what I mean. 

To help the skin on my entire body look and feel better, I use a shower gel or soap that is not extremely drying like Wholesale Natural Body Care's Hemp & Shea Body Wash or our Aloe & Shea Body Wash. While my skin is damp, I also massage in the Miracle Body Oil all over and follow up on my  feet, elbows and dry spots with our Butter Cream Body Butter or in the winter the Ash Be Gone that I add our Darla Fragrance oil in is a perfect option.

Everywhere I go I get massive compliments on how I smell. The scented Butter Cream keeps my skin feeling amazing, free from my normal itching and smelling like a million dollars. I love this self-care body-care routine especially before I go to bed and my hubby loves it as well. Hint, hint!

On March 21, 2021 I was diagnosed with Ductile Carcinoma which is Breast Cancer of the milk duct in my left breast and 1 month later I had a double mastectomy. While going through the healing process the tissue under my breast where the surgery incision is, that skin was extremely tender, sensitive and dry. I wanted something natural to help the irritating itching.

That is when I began massaging the Miracle Healing Oil in that area and not only did it help my scar to be less apparent, but it also helped me not to develop keloids. Today I still massage in that same oil around my surgery site with amazing success. 

When I am tempted, and feel like being a little lazy, not wanting to wash off my makeup I am reminded of what Helena Rubenstein said that there are no ugly people just lazy and I get my act together and complete my healthy anti-aging face-care routine by using my natural skincare favorite products with confidence.

Spring is in the air and with the warmer weather fast approaching I prefer light moisturizers like the Blue Tansy Hydrating Gel that is perfect to use on my face under my makeup on those warm days when I don't want anything heavy on my face.  

Another important aspect of being aware of things that make us look older is when we are not getting enough rest, what we eat and how we dress can also make us look older. The old adage that  we are what we eat is so true. Be sure to eat a healthy diet and drink plenty of water. When I don't get enough rest, I feel really look less kept.

Being that I am a busy business woman it is my habit to take my cell phone to bed with me. I find it very difficult to turn my brain off and by nature I am nosy. I like to see what is going on with my sales on my website and what my customers are buying. I have to force myself to turn it ALL off and when I do, and get good rest I feel 100% better. 

I like a good sweet treat - Do you? Eating too many sweets can not only ruin our player's waist line but can wreck havoc on our skin and most importantly, your health. Eat a balanced diet, watch your portion sizes and get plenty of exercise for maximum health. 

Dressing - Is there such a thing as Anti-Age Dressing.

Anti-Aging dressing

Well I think there should be. I can't imagine having a younger looking face and dressing frumpy or like your grandmother, even if you are a granny like me! You don’t have to look like one. You know what I mean.

You know when we make poor wardrobe choice they may not be as flattering on you.  Be sure to pick wardrobe pieces that are comfortable, and pick colors that compliment your skin tone and make sure they make you feel good.

I wear black because that is what I ask my employees to wear.  Although I do get tired of it, I try to have fun with it since I have to wear it for work. 

Dressing younger that you are

Make sure you put as much energy into your attire as  you do your diet, resting well and  skincare routine to make sure you show up as your best YOU!!!




What a wonderful post! Thank you for sharing your story with us—as well as your tips on aging. In my line I call it “anti-aging” b/c we all have to face it so we might as well do it with grace! I makes my customers laugh! So far (I’m a new customer with you) I LOVE your Eyes Have I-Matrixyl 3000 Super Peptide Eye Cream – that stuff is AMAZING!! I would like to put it all over my face :)

Not only do I like your products, as well as the awesome selection, but what impressed me the most about WNBC is the wonderful lady that answers the phone. Her customer service is over the top fabulous!! It’s nice to find a shop where that still matters!



Thank you for sharing.
This is a Great article.

I’m definitely going to be more intentional about my anti-aging selfcare routine..
My favorite #WNBC products are the Aloe & Shea Hydrating Wash & Ash be gone (I use these on my body) and the #SeaMoss skin products are TO DIE FOR.!!
Thank you for offering high quality all natural products.

I BTW:: YOU LOOK AMAZEBALLS!! &MA’AM — you are aging WELL! ♥️

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