Let's Talk Hair

Let's Talk Hair

By Carlene Barley

Let's talk about hair and the best products for each hair type

What does porosity mean when it comes to hair?  The term Hair Porosity is used to determine how well your hair can absorb and retain moisture and oils. 

Low Porosity Hair Type - Means Your hair cuticles are tight is not easily hydrated, or moisturized. Your hair type tends to be dryer. 

  • Suggested Products for Low Porosity hair include hair mists, leave in moisturizers and hair butter creams. They work well because they are high in ingredients that hydrate hair and hydration prepare the hair stands for other ingredient that then may nourish this hair type.

Medium Porosity Type - Means your hair has a loose cuticle layer that allows it to easily be moisturized and maintained. It is easily styled, chemically treated, and handles color well.

  • Suggested Products for Medium Porosity Type include most of our products for hair because it is easier for this hair type to me well maintained. 

High Porosity Hair Type - Water, oils and other products are easily absorbed by your hair type.However this hair type is highly porous, it may not retain moisture as well as other types of hair. 

  • Suggested Product for high Porosity Hair Type include the Argan Hair line Black Castor Hair line as well as the hair A Do line. These products are rich in hair-healthy ingredients but will not overly saturate high porosity hair down. 


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