Collection: Blue Tansy Skincare

Blue Tansy Oil has become a staple in skincare. It is know as Blue Tansy Flower, Blue Tansy Sleeping Oil and Blue Tansy Body Oil. It is truly an Amazing Natural Skincare oil!

According to the Health Line website here are some interesting benefits of Blue Tansy Oil when added in your Skin Care Products:

The camphor concentration in blue tansy oil has been shown to help repair damaged skin.

Additionally, in one Trusted Source,  study on UV Exposure  to radiation showed improvement after being treated with camphor. This led researchers to suggest camphor could be a potent wound-healing and even anti-wrinkle agent when added to skin care products. 

  • Blue Tansy Face Oil Serum
  • Blue Tansy Face Jellie
  • Blue Tansy Face Tonic
  • Blue Tansy Face Cleanser

Our Blue Tansy Facial Toner, Face Oil and Serum are perfect products and may be used as a skin calming Spray, anti-aging, and restoring solutions of moisture loss. Reportedly, Blue Tansy aids in skin puffiness, and is anti-aging. While Blue Tansy is an excellent moisturizer, it also helps dry skin that may be problematic due to use of commercial harsh ingredients by it's natural restoring and regenerating properties. 

White Label Blue Tansy Skin Care

      Use: Apply 1 or 2 drops of the face oil serum in your face moisturizer and tap it your skin. Blue Tansy helps boosts your skin's ability to heal itself. Blue Tansy is naturally anti-aging!

      Use Blue Tansy Oil as a sleeping aid and as a blue oil body care oil.