Blue Tansy Regenerating Skincare Kit

Blue Tansy Regenerating Skincare Kit

Blue Tansy Regenerating Skincare Kit

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Blue Tansy essential oils comes from a Mediterranean plant that is high in chamazulene and sabinene.  The chamazulene turns a beautiful deep blue color when it is heated during extraction.  Blue Tansy is naturally high in camphor so great for skin regeneration.

  1. Reduces puffiness (inflammation), calms irritated skin
  2. Clears congested pores
  3. Reduces bacteria to help with acne-prone skin
  4. Rich antioxidant
  5. Hydrates & balances skin
Included in the Kit:
  • Blue Tansy Face Oil Serum
  • Blue Tansy Face Jellie
  • Blue Tansy Face Tonic
  • Blue Tansy Face Cleanser
  • Blue Tansy Face Oil
How to use: 

Wash your face with a dime size of the cleanser with lukewarm water. Gently massage away makeup, oil and dirt. Rinse well and Pat dry. Mist face with the Blue Tans Tonic then apply a dime size amount of the Blue Tansy Hydrating Face Jellie in the morning and follow up with 1 drop the face oil serum for added protection 

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